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Corporate Gifts for Individual,

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All gifts come with CUPCAKES (gluten free or vegan on request), FLOWERS, or an ESSENTIAL OIL  gift. You can also choose to add HAND DELIVERY SERVICE of your gift certificate with a gift bag! 


No matter how short, each session is tailored to the individual. A great massage is one of the most beloved job perks. A great massage delivers:

  • Increased productivity, focus, well-being and morale

  • Reduced sick days, job stress, and repetitive strain injuries --

These are just a few of the tangible benefits of quality massage. Don't waste your resources and time by settling for average, mediocre, or anything less.

Trained to reduce workplace stress and increase sense of well-being, we come with comfortable ergonomic chairs, a selection of healing oils and aromatherapy. Our meditation music is engineered to enhance both relaxation and alertness.  Combine these with our specialized education and personal approach, and we are sure to leave you and your crew feeling rejuvenated, focused, and well-cared for -- guaranteed!

To read some of the most compelling research studies on massage therapy and it's numerous benefits just scroll to the bottom. 


Rates start at $290 (2 hours 4-8 sessions). Your custom quote will be based on the details of your plan: needs, length and number of sessions, location and any custom requests or themes that would make your day perfect!

Pre-Pay a massage day OR purchase as a gift for your favorite office -- accountant, law, or? -- limited only to your imagination!

Ask about perks available for monthly or bi-monthly scheduling.

Chair Massage
To book massage for your office, event, or on-set:     Text/Call/EMAIL   eLi (Elizabeth) 310-780-1806 •

Massage Snob is a YELP 5 Star Business


Our therapists have rejuvenated bodies and minds at: Mediamation 4D --  L.A. Food Show -- Smashbox -- Sony -- Wildest Dreams -- Shade VFX (Emmy Winners! Congrats!) -- TrueCar -- California Restaurant Association -- Cornerstone -- cast and crew members from: Pretty Little Liars -- Silicon Valley -- American Idol -- Big Brother -- and more!



Stress is bad for the workplace! 

  • According to the American Institute of Stress, workplace stress costs the nation more than $300 billion each year in health care, missed work and stress reduction efforts.
  • According to a LLuminari® Landmark Study, 20 percent of all workers are at risk for stress related health problems.
  • The LLuminari® Landmark Study found that 10 percent of workers are so tired at the end of their work day that they do not enjoy their non-work time.
  • The LLuminari® Landmark Study also reported that 20 percent of workers stated that their work regularly interfered with their responsibilities at home and kept them from spending time with their family.
  • According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, workers who report they are stressed incur health care costs that are 46 percent higher, or $600 more per person, than other employees.


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