Medical Massage - Lymphatic and Post-Surgical

In addition to offering traditional Lymphatic Massage we also offer our special RESULTS BOOSTER treatment!

This treatment synergistically combines multiple methods that speed the healing process. It will also make you FEEL much better much faster.

For the intial post-op & post-lipo sessions this treatment includes several styles of lymphatic massage plus calming galvanic micro-current to reduce bruising and surface fluid retention. In later sessions we add scar tissue release and vacuum cupping therapy to continue healing and smooth the results.

FYI: LYMPHATIC MASSAGE is also known as Lymphatic Drainage Massage, MLD, Lymph Massage, or just Lymphatic

Lymphatic Massage can be used to improve results and increase comfort before and after all kinds of cosmetic surgical procedures such as facelift, breast augmentation, breast explant, and tummy tuck and is especially helpful after LIPOSUCTION. Lymph Massage also aids healing from any other type of surgery - knee replacement to appendectomy. Literally any type of procedure can benefit from the reduced swelling, reduced scar tissue, and increased healing benefits of lymphatic massage.

Lymphatic massage is also a great way to improve overall health and support your internal detoxification systems making them more efficient, and can be combined with other types of massage to address areas of new or old injuries and chronic swelling. 

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pricing below is for mobile service and includes travel and set up - session time reflects hands-on therapy *prefer to go to a LOCATION? AVAILABLE ON REQUEST and reflects a different rate schedule - email or text for info*

60 minute in-home $245

90 minute in-home $325

120 minute in-home $375

Series rates and alternate location available - contact eLi for details

Medical and Lymphatic Massage In-Home On Location

To book a Lymphatic or Medical Massage


eLi (Elizabeth) 310-780-1806 •  eLi@MassageSnob.com


I had what I hope to be the first of many massages from Eli yesterday. I was getting a lymphatic drainage massage which I had never had before and there was massive improvement just from one session. She was really great about explaining what she was doing and what my different options were. A wonderful experience overall.  I will definitely see her again!  -  Adriana V.  Culver City, CA. 

 I recently had major surgery and Eli took the lymphatic system to a new level. Doctors told me it was a minimum 6week recovery. Well thanks to Eli, I did it in 3weeks.  -- Kimberli K. Marina Del Rey, CA. 

Following an aggressive liposuction procedure, Eli was nothing short of a godsend.  Starting 2 weeks post-op,  the MLD massage was the only thing to provide any physical relief to the swelling and discomfort.   Eli worked her magic, focusing on the various parts of my body in need of some attention.  She was knowledgeable, adjusting her massage to best help my body heal according to my response.  Her warm and caring personality made the process much easier during a vulnerable time when I was feeling pretty rough. She made it so easy to work with my crazy schedule, for which I am grateful. I will continue to visit during my healing and beyond just because she has a magic touch.  -- Rebecca P. Santa Monica, CA.


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