Culver City bungalow

I usually provide in-home travel sessions and corporate event massage throughout the Los Angeles area. To accommodate you lovers of massage who like to get out and about: If you schedule several days in advance I can see you at the Affinity Acupuncture Clinic near Washington and Grand View. For last minute booking or location closer to DT Culver City I offer my relaxing Culver City Bungalow....because sometimes you just want to get out of your own space and go somewhere else!

...such a peaceful atmosphere which made it easy to completely relax.
— Edward V.
Great space, very relaxing! One of the best massages I’ve ever had.
— Seth K.
...responsive, flexible, kind and amazing at massage therapy!!
— Laura P.
...the best massages I’ve ever received, and I mean “best” in that over time they took away my frequent headaches and seem to have made a long-lasting difference.
— Sarah F.

Particulars of my bungalow space: I have a 10lb. hypo-allergenic Maltipoo named Theodora aka Teddie. She is sweet and will wag her tail in excitement to meet you and then she will sleep through the session. NOT a dog person? No problem! I can make arrangements for daycare except on Sunday.  PARKING is easy and usually plentiful on the street (watch for Wed and Thurs 11-1 street cleaning). NOT an aromatherapy person? Please let me know when we book your appointment and I will not diffuse oils (food/therapeutic grade organic only) before or during your session. ARRIVE on time or up to 5 minutes AFTER your scheduled time and message me if you are running late. At your appointment time the door will be ajar and everything will be ready for your session :-) I don't have a separate waiting area so please don't come early unless you text message and get a reply first. Thank you and see you soon --- your awesome massage awaits!

Culver City Space Massage
Medical or Lymphatic Massage

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