Nothing can replace medical advice from your physician. These are all personally tested and recommended by me thought they are only based on my own experience and that of clients which does not replace professional medical care and advice! Please consult a physician with any ongoing health concerns and research each product to see if it's right for you. 





Deep Tissue Laser and Acoustic Wave Therapy (aka shockwave) This treatment is easy and routinely used for bunions and trigger finger and can help adjust your posture by releasing calcifications and making stiff tendons and ligaments more flexible so you can get your head back into a better position.


FULL SPECTRUM HEMP aka CBD OIL — sublingual water soluble

This is the hemp/cbd oil that I love. It is one of the few brands that are organic and water soluble - a very important distinction that has a huge impact on how much you absorb and how consistent the dose. And also one of the only brands with clinical trials to support their claims. The website is kind of annoying - it is only sold through independent distributor at this time. But?? I have tried a few others and this was the best so?!


GET THE OIL — When you get to the site homepage -- on the top menu bar click on THE PRODUCTS -- you should be directed to the UltraCell page and on the top of the page there is a topical CBD cream (which I haven’t tried yet but could be awesome) - just below that is the hemp “oil” called UltraCELL Full Spectrum Hemp — this is the one! I put a pic of it here to help you find it on the site. Let me know if you have any trouble! This bottle will last you about a month. You take half a dropper full am and pm under the tongue. It's about $150. If you like it I can show you how to register as a distributor (in name only) so that you can buy it cheaper for yourself. Please let me know how it goes!

SUPERFOOD GREENS POWDER for daily nutrition that actually TASTES GREAT!

Athletic Greens stress support is almost 100% nutritional coverage from whole plant foods dried into a powder. I have tried A LOT of green powders. This one is my favorite because it is the most comprehensive and surprise bonus it also actually TASTES good. You can order this on Amazon, but you get free stuff and gold stars (and a chance to save more $ on future orders) if you buy from the creator at this link this link with the /tim takes you to a special page provided by author Tim Ferris where you will get $100 worth of travel size packets for free with your first order. If all your nutrition is going to manage stress and keep your brain going there's none left to repair and heal joints! :0)

COLLAGEN PROTEIN POWDER --- is tasteless and mixes easily into almost anything even coffee. In recent clinical studies they observed the collagen in your body literally attracts the collagen coming in through diet and uses it to shore up existing collagen --- like joints and plumps the collagen in your skin too! My favorite brand for quality and purity is BULLETPROOF COLLAGEN PROTEIN but Great Lakes Gelatin makes a nice one too at a lower price point (make sure to get the green canister not the red one with gelatin in it or you will have jello coffee!)

CALCIUM FOR BONE SPURS takes time to take effect but can be helpful for bone spurs and also reportedly for arthritic joints -- a therapeutic dose required. Check the website for what that might be for you.

BONE BROTH FRESH is amazing for your gut health and also has high levels of collagen and minerals -- great for your joints, hair, skin and nails. This is THE ABSOLUTE BEST bone broth around! Very high quality and gelatinous. In Los Angeles only for delivery or pick-up at The Window near Washington and Robertson/National

BONE BROTH FROZEN out of LA this is a good company to get delivered there's sipping broth (not as good for joints but delicious and nutritious)  and regular broth (better for joints)

Glasses for Vision Impairment & Macular Degneration: eSight

Build Bone Density Balance Joint Strength with OsteoStrong Los Angeles Location in Mar Vista

Prolotherapy and PRP aka platelet rich plasma therapy and Stem Cell Injections (alternatives to surgery) and IV Nutrition Drip with Dr. Peter Fields 

Laser Therapy and Acoustic Wave Therapy aka  RSWT  (alternative to surgery) with Dr. Jeffrey Tucker Lightforce, Radial Shockwave Therapy, and IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization)  

KT Tape Kinesiology Taping Instructions and Tape   

KT Tape is also available at CVS and you can use the instructional videos at or also GOOGLE "KT Tape" plus your specific issue.  I prefer the regular vs. pro for it's comfort and wearability. 

Zyflamend Whole Body  is an herbal anti-inflammation supplement with turmeric and can replace Advil etc. when taken regularly over time (not instant). 

Liposomal Vitamin C is high quality vitamin C bound to fat molecules for easy absorption and no intestinal or bowel reaction.  You can get great benefits in health and quelling inflammation with  high therapeutic doses of vitamin C. Liposomal lets you do this with no gastric issues.

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